Giving to the Library

Library Connections: Mapping a City from Georgia State on Vimeo.

The University Library has a unique role in the life of Georgia State University. The Library is the only facility that is truly universal on campus. It is the core of the university, and it not only houses invaluable resources but also provides the foundation for our faculty and staff to take an active role in the life of the Georgia State student. Housing over 1.5 million volumes, subscribing to more than 7,700 serials, and being a Federal Document Depository with more than 804,000 government documents, the University Library contains impressive resources for its scholars. In addition, the library offers classes on information literacy and research skills to our student body. The collaborative learning areas within its walls comprise some of the most popular study spaces on campus.

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Funds & Endowments

Contributions to the University Library have allowed us to obtain all of our resources for our university community and outside researchers who rely on us. Many of our donors have a special relationship with the library and believe strongly that support of this facility helps the students, faculty, and surrounding community of Georgia State University turn information into knowledge.

Donating Books & Materials

Thank you for your interest in building the collections of the Georgia State University Library. The University Library values its donated gift materials from individuals and organizations; over the years, these gifts-in-kind have enriched the library general collection and special collections and archives immensely and have helped us fulfill our mission.

Planned Giving

We urge you to include the University Library in your will or estate plan. A deferred gift can enable you to make a more significant contribution than you imagine, provide income for your family, reduce taxes, and establish a lasting legacy for you and your family at the University Library.