Find Media

The university libraries own many DVDs, music and other sound recordings. The easiest way to search for  any of these items is in our GIL-Find catalog:

  • Open GIL-Find and search for the title, subject or composer/artist/director.
  • In the left column, look for the heading “Format.”
  • Click Audio if you’re looking for a sound recording (like a CD).
  • Click Video if you’re looking for a DVD or film.



  • If you’re looking for full-length theatrical movies, try the search term “feature films“.  If you’re looking for Blu-ray DVDs, try the search term “Blu-ray“.
  • The director is considered the “author” when you’re searching library catalogs for films.
  • The composer or musician is considered the “author” when you’re searching library catalogs for audio recordings.