Alpharetta Campus 678-240-6135
Atlanta Campus: Research Support 404-413-2800
Atlanta Campus: Special Collections & Archives 404-413-2880
Atlanta Campus: Technology Support 404-413-2699
Atlanta Campus: User Services 404-413-2820
Clarkston Campus: Circulation Desk 678-891-3647
Clarkston Campus: Reference Desk 678-891-3645
Decatur Campus: Circulation Desk 678-891-2591
Decatur Campus: Reference Desk 678-891-2592
Dunwoody Campus: Circulation Desk 770-274-5085
Dunwoody Campus: Reference Desk 770-274-5100
Newton Campus 770-278-1260
Najia Ahmadi Library Assistant II
Nedda Ahmed Arts Librarian
Pat Allen Circulation Manager
Jill Anderson History, African-American Studies, and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Librarian
Kimba Armbrust-Kohler Library Assistant II
Chuck Armbrust-Kohler Library Associate II
Michelle Asci Library Assistant II
Jose Auger Library Associate II
Mary Ann Barfield Library Assistant III
Tamika Barnes Department Head, Perimeter College Library Services
Ellen Barrow Reference & Serials Librarian
Valerie Bell Part-Time Librarian
Barbara Berryman Part-Time Librarian
Moira Blackflower Library Assistant III
Laurel Bowen University Archivist
Jeremy Bright Library Technical Assistant - Digital Projects
Matt Brooks Web Programmer
Laura Burtle Associate Dean, Scholarly Communications and Digital Library Services
Jennie Campbell Part-Time Librarian
Regina Cannon Part-Time Librarian
Minhtoan Cao Library Assistant I, Circulation
Laura Carscaddon Head, Research & Engagement
Kip Cates Reference Librarian
Tricia Clayton Collection Services Librarian
Donna Constantine Library Technical Assistant
Mary Ann Cullen Associate Department Head
Juanita Curry Part-Time Librarian
Ann Davis Stacks Supervisor
Rose Davis Library Technical Assistant
Denise Dimsdale Education Librarian
Karen Doster-Greenleaf Reference Librarian
Leslie Drost Part-Time Librarian
Traci Drummond Archivist, Southern Labor Archives
Emily Dunsker Part-Time Librarian
Jeffrey Dziedzic Library Specialist II
Kevin Fleming Popular Music & Culture Archivist
Brogan Foarde Library Assistant I, Circulation
John Furst PC Systems Specialist Lead
Jessica Furst Library Specialist I (Cataloging/Metadata)
Kandice Gates Administrative Assistant
Morna Gerrard Women's Collection Archivist
Joel Glogowski Business, Entrepreneurship and Data Services Librarian
Krista Graham Department Head, Digital Library Services
Adrienne Graham Reference & Instruction Librarian
Hannah Grant Library Technical Assistant
Ric Gresham P.C. Specialist - Lead
Denita Hampton Manager, User Services & Technology Support
Hal Hansen Library Technical Assistant
Bill Hardesty Assistant Department Head
Skye Hardesty Department Head, Collection Development
Jennifer Harris Business Manager II
Omr’e Harris Library Assistant III
Kat Hart Electronic & Continuing Resources Librarian
Demece Harvey Part-Time Librarian
Susan Hawk Part-Time Librarian
Joanne Hawkins Library Assistant I
Brenna Helmstutler Team Leader, Library Services for Health, Science, Education, and Policy/Nursing Librarian and Biology Librarian
Susan Her Library Assistant III
Zeel Himani Library Assistant I, Circulation
Judy Holland Part-Time Librarian
Wes Hughes Facilities Coordinator
Clay Hulet Reference & Instruction Librarian
Joe Hurley Data Services & GIS Librarian
Sandra Irvin Library Technical Assistant
Doris Jackson Part-Time Librarian
Christopher Jacobs Library Technical Assistant
Shehzeen Jessani Library Assistant I, Circulation
Cheryl Jimmerson Library Assistant II
Jennifer Jones Assessment & User Experience Librarian
Alicia Kennebrew Part-Time Librarian
Zoekoyeh Kiawu Evening Shift Coordinator
Sarah Kirkley Instruction Librarian
Beth Kitchens Library Assistant II
La Loria Konata Policy Studies Librarian
Brian Kooy Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies, Global Studies, and Middle East Studies Librarian
Eileen Kramer Instructional Design Librarian
Evelyne Lamar Part-Time Librarian
Jennie Law Reference Librarian
Daniel Lê Reference & Circulation Librarian
Michelle Lee Library Assistant III
Aviva Lefkovitz Library Technical Assistant
Sharon Leslie Public Health & Health Science Librarian
Pam Lucas Assistant to the Dean of Libraries
Leslie Madden Team Leader, Library Services for Arts & Humanities
Nura Mahmoud Library Assistant I, Circulation
Ann Mallard Associate Library Director
Dana Marseille Library Assistant III
Ida Martinez Psychology, Neuroscience & Honors College Librarian
Mariko Masui Library Assistant I, Circulation
NaKisha McNeal Library Assistant II
Barbara McTyre Library Technical Assistant
Mary Melchor Library Technical Assistant
Norman Melville Library Associate II
Ximin Mi Business Data Services Librarian
Kathryn Michaelis Digital Projects Coordinator
Admira Milinkovic Library Technical Assistant
Christopher Moffat Associate Department Head
Hilary Morrish Archival Associate
Susan Moss Library Associate I
Barbara Naumann Library Technical Assistant
Carmen Newton Library Administrative Officer
Theresa Pedrotti Senior Accounting Assistant
Scott Pieper Reference Librarian
Tasha Porter Library Assistant I, Circulation
Jena Powell Library Assistant III
Jason Puckett Librarian for Anthropology, Communication and Virtual Services
Tracey Raines Business Affairs Coordinator
Rebecca Raines Library Assistant
Linda Rash Library Assistant II
Doug Rednour Library Associate I
Stephanie Reeves Library Assistant I, Circulation
Tralany Roberts Library Assistant III, Library Operations
Spencer Roberts Digital Scholarship Librarian
Cory Schlotzhauer Library Technical Assistant
Bryan Sinclair Associate Dean, Public Services
Christopher Sins Library Assistant I, Circulation
Ivory Smith Library Assistant
Trevor Sookdeo Systems Manager
Amy Stalker Reference Librarian
Jeff Steely Dean of Libraries
Allyson Stephens Administrative Coordinator
Mikel Stewart Library Assistant II
Alicia Stockton Library Assistant II
Yolanda Strayhorn Part-Time Librarian
Tammy Sugarman Associate Dean, Technical Services & Collection Development
Mandy Swygart-Hobaugh Sociology, Gerontology, and Data Services Librarian
Laura Tartak Associate Department Head
Mary Thomas Part-Time Librarian
Cynthia Thomas Library Assistant I, Circulation
Jessica Toussaint Library Assistant I, Circulation
Shannon Townsend Library Assistant I, Circulation
Rod Wagner P.C. Specialist - Lead
Brenda Wakefield Electronic Resources Specialist
Douglas Walker Library Technical Assistant
Jackie Watkins Electronic Resources Specialist
Beth Welch Part-Time Librarian
Sheryl Williams Administrative Specialist
Eric Willoughby Analyst/Programmer - Lead
Katherine Wilson Editorial & Production Coordinator, Sr
Dawn Wright Williams Part-Time Librarian
Susan Wynne Cataloging & Metadata Librarian
Christina Zamon Department Head of Special Collections and Archives
Pat Ziebart Reference & Instruction Librarian