Billboard and Variety Magazine Country Music Index

This index covers country music artists, groups, and related topics in Billboard and Variety Magazines from 1925 to 1955. Users may either search by name or keyword, date, and publication; or browse alphabetically.  A search will generate the issue and page number in which the artist, group, or topic appears.  Note: The names in the index appear exactly as they did in the publications, as a result there are some variations.  It is recommended to search by the artist’s last name or last name and first initial to retrieve all variants.  It is also possible to retrieve information by using a few letters of the name or search term.

The original card index was created by Dr. Wayne W. Daniel, and the electronic version by the Special Collections and Archives.

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Quarantine 3/29/1947 Billboard 160
Quarantine 4/14/1943 Variety 49
Que, Ray 4/30/1949 Billboard 32
Queda, Jimmy 4/7/1951 Billboard 34
Queen, Roy 10/5/1946 Billboard 104
Queen, Roy 2/24/1945 Billboard 73
Queen, Roy 4/7/1945 Billboard 66
Queen, Roy 5/31/1952 Billboard 82
Queen, Roy 6/2/1945 Billboard 67
Queen, Roy 7/2/1949 Billboard 38
Queen, Sunny 10/5/1946 Billboard 104
Quenelle, Tommy 10/11/1952 Billboard 90
Quiddlemurp, Oscar 11/1/1947 Billboard 108
Quiddlemurp, Oscar 2/18/1950 Billboard 99
Quiddlemurp, Oscar A. 1/31/1948 Billboard 117
Quiddlemurp, Oscar August 7/10/1948 Billboard 30
Quinn, William 10/20/1945 Billboard 83
Quinton, Buddy 4/9/1955 Billboard 42