Student Assistant/Temporary Positions

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Graduate Assistant Positions

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With the increase in enrollment of library school students in online/distance education programs, the University Library has seen an increase in internship inquiries. The University Library is committed to the librarianship profession and wishes to actively contribute to the growth and increase in the number of librarians. The following process has been established to assist graduate students seeking internship opportunities with the Georgia State University Library.

An Internship Request Form should be submitted to Library Administration at least two months prior to the expected start date of the internship.

The following factors will be considered:

  • Requestor must be currently enrolled in an ALA accredited Master’s Program in Library Science.
  • Type of internship being requested and whether the University Library can accommodate the request.
  • Whether the proposed internship has well-defined learning outcomes and project(s) in mind that benefit both the student and the University Library. Typically, the best internships involve a specific project in which the student can apply his/her graduate training to accomplish a shared goal.
  • Whether current workloads can accommodate placement of an intern and maintain service levels.
  • Priority consideration will be given to graduate level students enrolled in University System of Georgia Master programs in Library Science.

Library Administration will contact the requestor, informing them whether or not the University Library is able to accommodate the request. The internal review process should be completed between four and six weeks of receiving the request.