Funds & Endowments

Contributions to the University Library have allowed us to obtain all of our resources for our university community and outside researchers who rely on us. Many of our donors have a special relationship with the library and believe strongly that support of this facility helps the students, faculty, and surrounding community of Georgia State University turn information into knowledge.


You can make a difference in a variety of ways; please consider supporting one of the following funds to advance our mission:

GSU Fund for the University Library (02D49)

Achieving excellence as a provider of information requires funding beyond what is provided for through the state. This fund helps fill that gap by providing high-quality library programs, necessary materials and equipment, and other pressing needs that state funds alone cannot address.

Library Future Fund (02C97)

The Library Future Fund supports the ongoing maintenance and improvements needed to keep our University Library as resourceful, innovative, and patron friendly as possible. Following the $23 million comprehensive renovation of library buildings North and South, we continually strive to accommodate the emerging needs of our diverse, growing student body. The library launches Georgia State further toward national status as a leading research university, and your support will help us keep this facility in state of the art shape.

Library General Endowment (02064)

To fulfill the library’s mission in perpetuity, the general endowment provides the resources needed to be able to serve the university community for years to come. This endowment will allow the library to expand its collection of books, materials, and databases for generations more of student and faculty research and learning.

Other Funds

Additionally, you can direct your gift to a special-purpose fund or endowment that supports a specific collection, outreach program, scholarship or preservation effort, or you can establish a new fund to sustain a library initiative that means something to you personally.

Library Endowments

Endowments provide endless support to the University Library and enable us to fulfill our mission in perpetuity. We encourage you to contribute to one of our existing endowed funds or make an investment in the library’s future by establishing a new fund.

The minimum amount required to establish an endowment is $25,000. The principal of an endowed fund is never spent and becomes part of the combined pool of all university endowments which are invested in Georgia State University Foundation’s broadly diversified portfolio. The annual interest is used to support the donor’s designated library initiative.

Please consider creating a lasting legacy and supporting our future through an endowment. Below are the existing opportunities for support, within special collections and then library-wide:

Endowments in the Special Collections and Archives

  • Photographic Collections:
    • Tracy O’Neal Endowment (02497)
      To endow the cultivation, preservation, and indexing of the O’Neal photographic images.
  • Popular Music Collection:
    • Johnny Mercer Endowment (02695)
      For upkeep and development of the Mercer Collection.
    • Wayne Daniel Endowment (02E36)
      For purchase, preservation and promotion of country and bluegrass music collections.
  • Southern Labor Archives:
    • Joseph Jacobs Labor Endowment (02763)
      Provides a Georgia State student with a scholarship and programs made available by the Southern Labor Archives or Labor Studies Program.
    • Labor Archives Endowment (02508)
      To purchase materials or services for the Southern Labor Archives.
    • Reed Fink Award in Southern Labor History (02A67)
      Designated to benefit scholars who are engaged in substantive research using the Southern Labor Archives.
  • Women’s Collection:
    • Anne Deeley Easterly Endowment (02E76)
      Supports acquisition, preservation and promotion of all collections relating to women.
    • Donna Novak Coles Georgia Women’s Movement Archives (02A07)
      Used to maintain and develop the Georgia Women’s Movement Archives.
    • Linda Hallenborg Kurtz Oral History Endowment Fund (02C43)
      Supports the Georgia Women’s Movement Oral History Project.
    • Lucy H. Draper U.S. E.R.A. Research Collection Endowment (02A84)
      Used to purchase primary and secondary materials on national and local efforts to ratify the United State’s Equal Rights Movement.
    • Our Mother’s Fund (02B30)
      Awards a stipend to graduate students to work with the Women’s Collection Archivist in the Georgia Women’s Movement Archives.

Library-wide Endowments

  • Anne Page Mosby Endowment (020028)
    To acquire library resources for interdisciplinary programs in the social sciences, in honor of Ms. Mosby upon her retirement from the library.
  • Carolyn L. Robison Library Award (02A99)
    Awarded to library staff members attending a graduate program directly related to library science.
  • Dorothy Stamps Ingram Fund for Library Outreach (020294)
    Established to fund library outreach.
  • Library Acquisitions Fund (02169)
    For materials on any subject.
  • Library Humanities Endowment (02598)
    For materials on language, literature, philosophy and history.
  • Eric Smith Memorial Endowment (02D66)
    Established in support of books in the fine arts.
  • Ezell History Endowment (02690)
    Funds used to purchase materials in history.
  • Ralph E. Russell Endowment (02923)
    Established upon Dr. Russell’s retirement after many years of dedication to the Library. Funds used to purchase materials in music.
  • W. Rogers Hammond Endowed Accounting Fund (020045)
    In honor of Dr. Hammond’s legacy, from being the first chairman of the department of accounting to serving as treasurer of the GSU foundation for two decades. Used to purchase materials in accounting.

For more information about these endowments or other funds, please contact Margaret Matthews, Director of Development at 404-413-3487.

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