Jeff SteelyThe University Library of today is a platform for discovery, creativity, and innovation. In the book Where Good Ideas Come From, author Stephen Johnson tells us that big discoveries typically come from assembling existing ideas in new ways. A “platform” where people from different walks of life come together can facilitate “collisions” of ideas that lead to new insight, and that “spark” innovation. We aim to provide this kind of a place – both online and in our six library facilities.

The University Library supports the strategic plan of Georgia State University. We are a vital campus partner in student success and play a key role facilitating research excellence. By providing the expertise of our library faculty and staff, we help students become discerning lifelong readers and information consumers. By providing useful spaces and tools, we facilitate connections between people and breakthroughs in understanding. By acquiring, curating, and preserving scholarship, we amplify the discoveries happening on campus and preserve the story of an ever-changing city. By boldly developing spaces and programs that support this vision we seek to become a leading model of the progressive research library.

As you take advantage of the resources and services of the Georgia State University Library, please contact me with your suggestions. I also invite you to support our work as we create this platform for discovery, transdisciplinary conversation, and knowledge building. We would be delighted to discuss how you can contribute to our students, our faculty, and our community through a gift to the GSU Library.

Jeff Steely
Dean of Libraries