Floor Maps

Atlanta Campus

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

Fourth Floor

Fifth Floor

Eighth Floor

General Collection Books

If the book you are looking for is in the General Collection (not Reference, Folio, Map, etc.) and the call number starts with the letter…

A – E876 Library North 5th Floor – Compact shelves
E877 – HF5621 Library North 5th Floor – Regular shelves
HF5625 – LC3999 Library North 4th Floor – Compact shelves
LC4000 – PR 5699 Library North 4th Floor – Regular shelves
PR 5700 – PZ Library North 3rd Floor – Regular shelves
Q’s Library South 4th Floor
R – ZA Library North 3rd Floor – Regular shelves

Periodicals (journals, magazines, etc.)

Current/Bound Periodicals A – PT and R – Z Library North 3rd Floor – Compact shelves
Overflow Periodicals A-Z Library South 4th Floor Compact Shelves
Current and Bound Periodicals Q Library South 3rd Floor
Pre-1975 A – Z In Storage – Use this Storage Periodical Request Form link
Periodical Folio (Per. Fol.) Library North 3rd Floor
Periodical Microfilm/Microfiche Library North 1st Floor

Other Materials

Atlases (Atlas) Library North 2nd Floor
Folio (Fol.) Library South 5th Floor
Juvenile (Juv.) Library North 3rd Floor
Law Library Law Library – 85 Park Place
Maps (Map) Library South 4th Floor
Media (audio/video) Library North 1st Floor
Microfilm/Microfiche Library North 1st Floor
Newspapers, Bound (News) Library North 3rd Floor
Newspapers, Current Library North 1st Floor
Rare Books (Rare) Library South 8th Floor
Reference (Ref.) Library North 2nd Floor
Sorting Area Library North 3rd Floor
Ultra Folio (Ultra Fol.) Library South 5th Floor

Group Study Rooms

N264 – N288 Library North 2nd Floor
N308 – N317 Library North 3rd Floor
N408 – N419 Library North 4th Floor
N509 – N520 Library North 5th Floor
L201 – L206 Library Link 2nd Floor
L301 – L304 Library Link 3rd Floor
L401 – L406 Library Link 4th Floor
L501 – L506 Library Link 5th Floor
Group Media Viewing Rooms
– LN275 & LN288
Library North 2nd Floor
Presentation Practice Room
– N276
Library North 2nd Floor


Classroom 1 Library North 1st Floor
Classroom 2 Library North 2nd Floor
Colloquium Room Library South 8th Floor