New Students

Over 1.5 million people come through Georgia State University Library’s doors each year. It provides students with access to extensive information resources, assistance with research, state-of-the-art technology and a comfortable space to meet, learn and relax in. With a beautiful space, modern technology, supportive library staff and unlimited resources, the Georgia State University Library is truly universal on campus. It is the center that unites the entire university community.

Getting into the University Library, Atlanta Campus

  • There are two entrances to the library: one in Library North, and one in Library South. See our map for directions.
  • Biometric readers are installed at library entrances to allow secure access by GSU-affiliated persons with their registered fingerprint. Register your fingerprint at the PantherCard office (click here for its location and hours) as soon as possible, or enter with a valid PantherCard until you are able to get your fingerprint registered.

Getting into Perimeter Campus Libraries

Using the University Library

Go to the CampusID help page to activate your CampusID, change or reset your password. You’ll need your CampusID to:

  • Login to and print from library computers
  • Access electronic resources when you are off-campus
  • Reserve a study room at the Atlanta campus using the Study Room Reservation system.
  • Request books from other libraries and manage your Library Account.

Getting Help at the University Library

Atlanta Campus

All Campuses

Student Employment at the University Library, Atlanta Campus

Information regarding student employment opportunities in the library can be found on the Library’s Employment webpage.

Opportunities are available in most areas of the library including Facilities, Interlibrary Loan, Public Services and Special Collections. Titles may include:

  • Student Assistants (General)
  • Work Study and Pantherworks Student Assistants – Must be awarded federal funds through the Financial Aid office.
  • Graduate Assistant
  • Internship
  • For additional information please contact the University Library’s Human Resources at or 404-413-2700.

We also provide information specific to undergraduate students and graduate students.

Note: The College of Law also provides the campus with its own library. More information is available at