CURVE: Collaborative University Research & Visualization Environment is a technology-rich discovery space supporting the research and digital scholarship of Georgia State University students, faculty, and staff.  Located at the heart of Georgia State’s Atlanta campus within the University Library, CURVE’s mission is to enhance research and visualizations by providing technology and services that promote interdisciplinary engagement, collaborative investigation, and innovative inquiry.

CURVE is designed to enhance student, faculty, and staff research and learning by connecting them with unique visualization hardware and software and the latest online research tools and services.  To learn more about CURVE technologies, services, workshops, and the interesting research taking place in this space, visit the CURVE blog.

Several features of CURVE include:

  • interactWall – a touch enabled 24-foot-wide visualization wall
  • Collaborative PC Workstations – equipped with large displays, collaborative workspace accommodating up to 6 people, PCs with 12 cores, 128 GB RAM, and an ever growing list of software
  • 84 inch 4K Resolution Workstation – a touch enabled, ultra-high resolution workstation equipped with a PC offering 12 cores, 128 GB RAM, an Nvidia Quadro K5000 graphics card, and an ever growing list of software


CURVE Policies

CURVE Workstation Reservation System