About GIL Express

GIL Express allows students, faculty, and staff of University System of Georgia schools to search a single online catalog that includes the holdings of all 31 USG libraries, and request delivery of regularly circulating books to the library of your choice. GIL Express books can also be returned to any University System libraries.

Go to the GIL-Find University System of Georgia Catalog to search and make requests. Visit the GIL Express homepage for more detailed information.

Pickup locations at Georgia State University

GIL Express items at Georgia State University may be picked up at any GSU campus library service desks (Alpharetta is the exception). Please choose from one of these locations when placing your requests for pickup at Georgia State.

GIL Express items can also be delivered to another University System of Georgia pickup library of your choice. Simply select the library most convenient to you from the drop-down menu when placing your request.

Submitting a Request

  1. From the library’s homage page, in the catalog tab, enter your search terms and choose “University System of Georgia” from the drop-down menu. Click “Find”.
    Enter your search terms, choosing University System of Georgia from the drop-down menu.  Click find.
  2. When you find an item you would like to check out, click the “Get It” link to see holdings.
    Click Get It on the item you wish to check out
  3. If you haven’t logged into your GIL account, go to “Sign-in for More Options”. (If an item is not available for GIL Express Requests, it will be indicated.  Consider submitting your request through ILLiad.)
    Click sign-in for more options if you haven't logged in yet
  4. After logging in, click on “More USG Libraries/GIL Express Request”.
    Click "More USG Libraries/GIL Express Request"
  5. Click the Request link.
    Clikc on the Request link
  6. Choose Georgia State University from the Pickup Institution drop-down list, then choose the GSU campus where you would like to pick up the book in the Pickup Library drop-down list.
    Choose Georgia State University from the "Pickup Institution" drop-down.  Choose the GSU campus library where you would like to pick up the book from the "Pickup Library" drop-down.
  7. Monitor your “My Account” information to find out whether the Lending Library was able to fill the request and send it to your pickup location.
  8. If you need assistance, contact a Reference Librarian at 404-413-2800, or visit our Ask A Librarian Page, or visit one of your GSU campus library service desks.

How will I know if my request is filled? What do I do if it isn’t?

  • Monitor your online “My Account” information.
  • If the Lending Library is able to send the item, your request will go to a status of “In transit” while the item is on its way.
  • If an item is available for you to pick up, it will show in your “My Account” information as an item available, and you will receive a notice by mail or email.
  • Please pick up available items before their expiration dates (also shown in your “My Account”).
  • If the Lending Library is unable to send the item, your request will go to a status of “Not filled.” If this happens, and more than one library owns the item, try your request again.
  • If no other libraries in the Universal Catalog own the item, submit your request through ILLiad. Please note in the comments section that your GIL Express request was not filled.

Are GIL Express policies (fines, loan periods, etc.) the same as those at the Georgia State University Libraries?

Some policies are similar and some are not. Some important differences include:

  • GIL Express items cannot be renewed at any of the GSU libraries service desks. They can only be renewed online through your “My Account” information, or by the library that owns the material.
  • If a GIL Express item becomes overdue it must be returned and sent back to the owning library. It cannot be checked in and then checked back out again at any of the GSU libraries service desks.
  • GIL Express policies are the same for all eligible patron groups. Fines and loan periods are the same for all faculty, staff, students, and graduate students. Faculty as well as staff and students may be subject to recall fines of $2.50 per day on overdue GIL Express materials if they are recalled at the owning library.
  • Visit the GIL Express homepage for more detailed information about GIL Express policies.

I’m a GSU student. Can I have an item from a Georgia State University Library delivered for pickup elsewhere?

Yes. For materials that circulate through GIL Express, GSU faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students may request Georgia State University Library materials for pickup at other University System Libraries.

However, GIL Express circulation policies will not apply. Georgia State University Library policies, such as fines and loan lengths, apply when a GSU patron checks out a University Library item, even if the item is picked up elsewhere.

GIL Express cannot be used to request delivery of Georgia State University Library items to other GSU locations, such as the Law Library.

What materials does the Georgia State University Libraries allow to circulate through GIL Express to patrons from other libraries?

Georgia State University Libraries allows most regularly circulating books to be requested and checked out by GIL Express patrons. This includes items in our General Collection, Folio, Ultra Folio, Government Document, and Juvenile collections.

Items not eligible for GIL Express include Periodicals, Reference, Media, Microfilm, Microfiche, Special Collections, and Reserves items.