Library Instruction

Many faculty and GTAs request library assistance instructing their students on research strategies and subject-related resources. Georgia State University Library provides workshops, video tutorials, online research guides and in-class instruction to meet the needs of both students and faculty.

Atlanta Campus Subject Specific Research Instruction

Subject Librarians ( support faculty teaching and research via consultations, in-classroom instruction sessions, workshops, and online research guides. Your department’s subject librarian instruction support services include:

  • developing your students’ information literacy skills to help them effectively research a topic
  • accessing relevant data, primary, and secondary sources needed for your research and teaching
  • assisting with citation management tools and other applications to streamline the research process

The Research Data Services Team ( offers additional assistance on data analysis tools, mapping and data visualization, survey design, and data management.

Perimeter Campus Library Instruction

Library Instruction at the Perimeter Campuses, including through iCollege provides students with an introduction to library and research concepts and ideas. If you teach at a Perimeter Campus and would like to schedule a library instruction session for your class, please use the online form to request a session.  Perimeter campus instruction may consist of one-time instruction, a librarian embedded within your course, online instruction, asynchronous instruction or consultation on an assignment for your class.


The library offers workshops on topics such as scholarly impact, using library databases, data management and software applications.