Atlanta Campus Printing

Perimeter Campus students must purchase a Guest Card at the Atlanta Campus to print.

Printers are located on Library North 1, 2, 3, and 4, and on Library South 3.
Color printers are located on Library North 1 and 2.

Printing in the library automatically defaults to duplex (front-and-back) printing.  To print single-sided sheets, please follow these instructions for single-sided printing.

Printing Costs:

  • Duplex printing (default on black-and-white printers):
    • Black-and-white duplex prints: $.08
    • Color duplex prints: $.40
  • Single-sided printing (default on color printer; to print single-sided, please follow these instructions):
    • Black-and-white prints: $.05 per page
    • Color prints: $.25 per page
  • Printers accept PantherCards only.
    NOTE: A portion of your student technology fee is automatically on your PantherCard for printing. Once you have used up that money, then you must open a PantherCash account either online or in the PantherCard Office and add funds to your PantherCard to pay for printing.

PantherPrint MobilePrint

In addition to printing from a library computer, students, faculty, and staff can send print jobs from on or off campus using a registered campus email address. Print jobs can be sent up to 90 minutes in advance, and then released from a PantherPrint station as normal.

You must swipe your PantherCard at a university print release station before using MobilePrint.


There are a total of 22 scanners available for GSU student, faculty, and staff use on Library North 2 near the Technology Support Desk.


  • Copiers are located on Library North 1, 2 and 3.
  • Copies cost $.15 per page.
  • Machines accept PantherCash only. (Note that the printing money on your PantherCard is not the same as copier money.  Scanners are available that can print to printers.)
  • The library does not have a color copier.