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The Archives for Research on Women and Gender documents the experiences of women and men participating in women-centered and LGBTQ activist and advocacy activities in Georgia and the Southeast throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. It also documents the experience of women at Georgia State University.

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Franklin Abbott Papers 1907-1910; 1933; 1942; 1950-2014 [bulk, 1960-2010] (W108)

Altrusa International, Atlanta Club Records 1938-2001 (W077)

American Associati1on of University Women, Atlanta Branch records 1939-2013 (W142)

American Association of University Women, Southeastern Region Records 1950-2000 (W045)

Ken Anderson papers, 1986-2014 (W155)

Archdiocese of Atlanta Pro-life Newsletter Collection 1977-1993 (W046)

Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Center records 1996-2002 (W124)

Atlanta Women’s Foundation Records circa 1980-2003 (W051)

Gayle Austin Papers 1979-2010 (W093)

M. Charlene Ball Papers 1977-2004 [bulk 1988-1994] (W102)

Linda A. Bell Papers 1962-2004 (W063)

Stephanie Stuckey Benfield Equity in Sports Act Collection 1975-2007 (W082)

Hugo Berston Papers 1975-2008 (W111)

Valerie Beynon Papers 1990-2009 (W128)

Terry Bird collection of Atlanta Lesbian and Gay History Thing, Inc. Records, 1981-1998 (bulk 1994-1996) (W144)

Nancy N. Boothe Papers 1980-2009 [bulk 1990-1997] (W079)

Chris Carroll Papers 1993-2010 (W112)

Wesley Chenault Artifact Collection undated (W034)

Committee on Women, Population, and the Environment Depo Diaries Records 1999-2008 (W114)

Thomas H. Crim, Jr. Papers 1984-1993 (W105)

Kathleen “Kay” Crouch Papers 1956-1992 [bulk 1982-1989] (W050)

Mary McMahon Dawson Artifact Collection undated (W090)

Gretta Moll Dewald papers, 1932-2000 [bulk 1977-1980] (W069)

Marymal Dryden – Judith Allen Ingram Collection 1985-1995 (W023)

Joyce J. Durand Artifact Collection circa 1980-1982; undated (W088)

Jim Elledge Papers 1827-2015 [bulk 1971-2006] (W145)

E. Lee Eltzroth Collection 1990s; undated (W027)

Leonard Ray Teel Erma Collection circa 1981; circa 1993; circa 2006 (W126)

EstroFest Productions, Inc. Records 1997-2004 (W081)

Saribenne Evesong Artwork Collection 1971-1978; undated (W068)

Beth Farokhi Papers 1937; 1976-2007 (W095)

Feminist Postcard Collection 1968-1989 (W075)

Valerie Fennell Papers 1973-1998; undated (W058)

Lorraine Fontana papers 1947-2014 (W110)

Foreverfamily, Inc. Records 1987-2000 [bulk 2003-2008] (W120)

Diane L. Fowlkes Papers circa 1959-1998 [bulk 1973-1994] (W018)

Martha Wren Gaines Research Fellowship Collection 2003 (W048)

MaryAnne Gaunt Papers 1975-1988 (W080)

Gay Spirit Visions Records, 1978-2010 (W127)

Georgia Administrative Office of the Courts Collection, 1989-2006 (W130)

Georgia Advocates for Battered Women and Children Records 1971-2000; undated (W049)

Georgia Association for Women Lawyers records, 1916-2016 [bulk 1987-2016] (W151)

Georgia Commission on Family Violence Records 1985-2011 [bulk 1995-2008] (W097)

Georgia State University. Institute for Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 1984-2011 (W125)

Georgia State University, Office of the Advancement of Women Records (W073)

Georgia State University’s Power of Women’s Clothesline Project Collection 2002 (W057)

Georgia Women’s Movement Oral History Collection 1995- (W008)

Georgia Women’s Movement Project Collection 1995 – ongoing (W016)

Georgians for Choice Records 1974-2008 [bulk 1982-2006] (W078)

Betty Grant Papers, 1976-1991 [bulk 1988-1990] (W123)

Anne L. Harper Papers 1979-1980; 1995-2004 (W054)

Dorris (Dotsie) Dutel Holmes Papers 1945-2010 (W143)

Joining Hearts, Inc. Records, 1990-2014 (W137)

Charlee C. Lambert Papers 1897; 1922; 1955-2013 (W140)

Liane Levetan Papers 1963-2011 (W115)

Lynn Hesse Papers 1985; 2011; undated  (W104)

Charlene Hurt Poster Collection circa 1983 (W028)

Joining Hearts, Inc. Records (W137)

Beth Judy Collection of Girl Vigilantes Records 1989-1992; undated (W087)

Mary N. Long Papers 1957; 1965-2000 (W062)

Susan May Papers 1979-circa 1985 (W106)

Men Stopping Violence, Inc. Records 1982-2000 (W066)

Mildred and Stella Playbill  early 1990s (W091)

Jewel Dean Moody Papers 1945; 1962; undated (W067)

NARAL Pro-Choice Georgia Records 1964; 1973-2006 (W072)

Carl Owens collection on Cracker Barrel Restaurants 1991-2002 (bulk 1991-1997) (W129)

Christopher Paton Artifact Collection undated (W033)

Planned Parenthood Southeast Records 1961-2001 (W084)

Pro-Life Newsletters Collection 1977-1993 (W046)

Qiyamah A. Rahman Papers 1989-1998 (W103)

Richard Rhodes Papers, 1987-1993; 2012; undated (W138)

Deborah J. Richardson Papers 1996-2008 (W086)

Betsy Rivard Papers 1990-2006 (W099)

Ed Scruggs Papers, 1972; 1993-2009 (W113)

Sisters of No Mercy Records, 1978-1984 (W083)

Margo Smith Papers, 1986-1992 (W139)

Stonewall Bar Association Records 1995-2012 (W117)

Tampa Women’s Liberation Records 1970-1988 (W031)

Anne Tilden Artifact Collection circa 2000; undated (W047)

Nell H. Trotter Papers 1880 -1987 [bulk 1934 -1971] (W036)

Maxine Turner Papers, 1996; undated (W074)

Karen Wagner Artifact Collection, circa 1980-1982; undated (W089)

Terri Wilder Papers circa 1996-2007 (W085)

Diane Winters Papers 1974-2001 (W107)

Women’s Events Collection 1997 – (ongoing) (W030)

Women’s Policy Group Records 1990-2008 (W094)

Women’s Printed Collection – Pamphlets

Women’s Printed Collection – Periodicals

Andrew P. Wood papers 1987-2014 (bulk 1988-1990) (W121)

Alice C. Young Papers 1973-1988 (W061)