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Donna Novak Coles Georgia Women’s Movement Archives

The Donna Novak Coles Georgia Women’s Movement Archives is dedicated to documenting the second wave of the women’s movement in Georgia, and in particular, efforts in the state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

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Virginia MacMahon Ackerman Papers, 1981-1982; undated (W001)

Carole Ashkinaze Papers, 1970-1995 (W043)

Eleanor Crisler Babcock Papers, 1979-1984 (W025)

Elaine Hazelton Bolton Papers, circa 1980 (W039)

Jeanne Taylor Cahill Papers, 1953-1993 (bulk 1970-1993) (W003)

Donna Novak Coles Papers, 1968-1984; 1995 (W010)

Janet Cukor Papers, 1965-1996 (W064)

Judith Cormack Papers, 1975; 1978; 1991-1992 (W029)

Margaret Miller Curtis Papers, circa 1976 – circa 1995 (W005)

Anne Deeley Papers, 1975-1983; undated(W026)

Margery “Jerry” Downey Papers, 1975-2001 (W055)

Mary Jo Duncanson Papers, circa 1972-1984 (W059)

Juanelle Barbee Edwards Photograph Collection, circa 1977-circa 1980 (W006)

Daphne C. Faulkner Papers, 1974-1981; 1986; 1995 (W012)

Diane L. Fowlkes Papers, circa 1959-1998 (bulk 1973-1994) (W018)

Ramona S. Frasher Papers, 1968-1992 (W052)

Georgia Women’s Movement Oral History Collection, 1995 – (ongoing) (W008)

Georgia Women’s Movement Project Collection, 1995 – (ongoing) (W016)

Dorothy Gibson-Ferrey Papers, circa 1968-1995 (bulk 1970-1983) (W007)

Mary Vick Graves Papers, 1972-1983 (bulk 1981-1983) (W056)

Nancy Hall Papers, 1977-2000 (W065)

Cynthia W. Hlass Papers, 1970-1976; undated (W019)

Maria Getzinger Jones Papers, circa 1972-1997 (W021)

Jeffrey Gordon Jones Papers, 1993-1995 (W009)

Beverly Jordan Papers, 1980-1996 (W004)

Linda Hallenborg Kurtz Papers, 1979-1995 (W024)

Sidney and Deena Kushner Artifact Collection,1981-1982; undated (W017)

Mary N. Long Papers, 1957; 1965-2000 (W062)

Roberta Malavenda Papers, 1978-1985 (W037)

Martha Wren Gaines Research Fellowship Collection, 2003 (W048)

Vicki McLennan Papers, 1979-2000 (bulk 1992-1999) (W053)

Susan A. Millen Papers, 1979-1998 (bulk 1980-1988) (W011)

Laura J. Moriarity Papers, 1978-1990 (W044)

Nancy Nowak Papers, 1972-1982 (W076)

Anne Olson Papers, 1894-1938; circa 1965-1995 (W022)

Janet Paulk Papers, 1981; 1997 (W020)

Rhoda A. Pollock Papers, circa 1966-1980 (W041)

Beth S. Schapiro Papers, circa 1970-1995 (W002)

Polly Brooks Simpson’s “A Woman’s Place” Records, 1980-1983 (W013)

Cathey W. Steinberg Papers, 1981-1982; 1996 (W042)

Sherry [Shulman] Sutton Papers, 1978-1992 (W038)

Christine Tibbetts Papers, 1974-2000 (bulk 1981-1985) (W060)

Dorothy J. Tracy Papers, circa 1967-1995 (W014)

Women’s Printed Collection – Pamphlets

Women’s Printed Collection – Periodicals