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This sheet music database consists of nearly 14,000 pieces of 19th and 20th century American popular music.  It includes published piano-vocal arrangements and Tune-Dex cards (lead sheets).  Users may search the database by keyword, song title, songwriter, and year; or browse alphabetically.  Additionally, search results can be filtered by format.  Detailed information about a piece of music can be obtained by clicking on the song title.

Songbooks and shape-note hymnals are cataloged in the GIL Catalog, the Georgia State University online catalog.

Copyright policy dictates that sheet music published after 1922 may be duplicated solely for private study, teaching, scholarship, or research purposes.  Any other use requires the permission of the current rights holder.  Please submit any questions or requests to the Popular Music and Culture Archivist.

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Xanadu./ Lynne, Jeff; Lynne, Jeff. April-Blackwood Publications, 1980
Format: Piano-Vocal.

Song Title: Xanadu
Lyricist 1: Lynne, Jeff
Composer 1: Lynne, Jeff
Production: Xanadu
Publisher: April-Blackwood Publications
Sole Selling Agent: Bradley Publications
Copyright Year: 1980
Format: Piano-Vocal
Illustrated: Yes
Photo: Yes
Photo of Whom: Newton-John, Olivia

Xango (Chongo)./ Waggner, George, 1894-1984; Fairchild, Edgar. Viking Music Corp., 1945
Format: Tune-Dex.

Song Title: Xango (Chongo)
Lyricist 1: Waggner, George, 1894-1984
Composer 1: Fairchild, Edgar
Production: Shady Lady
Publisher: Viking Music Corp.
Copyright Year: 1945
Format: Tune-Dex
Issue Date: 12/1945
Issue Number: 44

Xochimilco (Would You Do It Again?)./ Zmigrod, Alfredo; Garrett, Lillian; Zmigrod, Alfredo; Garrett, Lillian. Sun Music Co., Inc., 1946
Format: Tune-Dex.

Song Title: Xochimilco (Would You Do It Again?)
Lyricist 1: Zmigrod, Alfredo
Lyricist 2: Garrett, Lillian
Composer 1: Zmigrod, Alfredo
Composer 2: Garrett, Lillian
Publisher: Sun Music Co., Inc.
Copyright Year: 1946
Format: Tune-Dex
Issue Date: 7/1948
Issue Number: 75