Digital Scholarship

Digital scholarship projects can involve many different technologies, often combined in unique arrangements. Our Digital Scholarship Librarian can help you identify the best tools for your project, learn the skills needed, and provide guidance through the project development.

Contact Spencer Roberts, Digital Scholarship Librarian, to arrange a consultation, class presentation, or workshop.

Digital scholarship tools we support:

  • Data/Text Mining, Cleaning, and Manipulation: Python, R, Excel, Voyant Tools, OpenRefine
  • Data Visualization: R, Excel, Tableau
  • Mapping: ArcGIS, ArcGISOnline, Google Maps, MapWarper
  • 3D Capture: Laser Scanning, LiDAR, Photogrammetry
  • Image/Document Processing and Automation: Automator, Actions, Photoshop, GIMP
  • Content Management Systems / Web Presentation: Omeka, Neatline, Scalar, Timeline JS, Storymap JS, Juxtapose,, MediaWiki, WordPress, PressForward
  • Web Development: HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript
  • Oral Histories: Audio, Video, OHMS
  • Virtual Environments: Blender, Unity
  • Augmented Reality: AR Kit, AR Core, Apache Cordova

The Library also works on digital projects in collaboration with other organizations, individual researchers, and classes.